A cleansing is an important part

A cleansing is an important part

A cleansing is an important part in any health alignment, but the pleasure of good eating is not only about the taste of the food. Chocolate cakes, french fries or vanilla ice-cream can ruin your physical condition over time. In order to stay fit and healthy, scientists advise you to go once in a while on a detox diet.

Studies have shown that a cleanse diminishes the risk of circulatory problems, acne, diabetes, obesity, colon cancer and overall health. Nowadays the Master Cleanse is a very popular way of purifying your body. Many Hollywood stars have tried this cleanse and they look fit and fabulous.

But the cleansing process is hard. The Master Cleanse diet is a 650-calorie per day regimen in which you mostly drink only lemonade. So the guidelines for the diet itself are fairly simple: Learn how to say goodbye to solid food a few days before the cleanse.

The only things allowed on the Master Cleanse diet are:

- a lemonade (recipe bellow)
- 2 laxatives per day
- herbal tea (unsweetened)

The recipe for the Master Cleanse lemonade consists of:

  • lemon or lime juice (any quantity)
  • maple syrup (any quantity)
  • filtered water (any quantity)
  • a touch of salt

Other ingredients are not allowed, so you need to drink this lemonade all day long for 10 days.
Also you will need to take a laxative 2 times a day. One in the morning and one before going to bed to help your digestion. Nothing more !

The Master Cleanse has proven to be a great way to get rid of toxins for more than 50 years. Moreover the ingredients are fairly cheap as you can''t doubt it''s effectiveness. After the Master Cleans you will have more energy, feel better and smile more often.

If you decide to go on a Master Cleanse, please take some measures of precaution.
During the 10 days of cleansing drink plenty of liquids. If at any time you have the symptoms for nausea, vomiting, pain and irritability talk to your doctor.