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How great is that a corporation looks out for your health and even comes up with a plan for you to stay fit.
General Motors did it ! They developed a diet for their employees mainly. The General Motors (GM) diet took into account employees working schedule and breaks.

Being pleased with your own figure improves mental state and confidence. Also a healthy eating routine boosts body functions, helps eliminates toxins and lose extra weight. The GM diet states that in a period of 10 days you can lose up to 10-17 lbs.

Goals of the GM diet

The GM diet isn''t focus on weight loss alone. One of the primary goals is to induce a state of well being and increase energy levels. The GM diet was formulated around the following:

- Weight loss in a rapid amount of time
- Detox the body
- Increase energy and strengthen mental health
- Improve muscle tone with daily exercise
- Prevent diseases like arthritis, heart conditions and hypertension. All of which are related to obesity.

How does it work

The GM diet is known to be very effective. During this diet you must be aware that your whole eating routine will change. Meals will consist only in raw fruit and vegetables servings and poultry, fish or seafood.

You have to respect an hourly pattern for each meal. Besides this schedule for eating you can combine the ingredients above at your own free will. The only rule is that the fruits and vegetables are eaten raw and the meat is grilled or boiled, not fried.

Remember that exercise is also important. A condition for great results is 10 minutes a day of exercising. That''s not that difficult, right ?

Side effects of the GM diet

The GM diet is a diet that can create a bit of discomfort during the first days. Because the unhealthy eating habits are eliminated overnight you might encounter feelings of hunger, weakness and excess sweating.

These are all normal and your body will steadily get used to this eating regime. The effects are worthwhile. Not only you will feel better, but your health will significantly improve. After this diet it is recommended that you reintroduce cooked meals steadily in order to avoid the “yo-yo” effect.

How great would it be if a corporation would develop a way to lose weight without effort ?! Well, we''ll just have to wait for it.