The most problematic area of a

The most problematic area of a

The most problematic area of a woman''s body is the belly. It seems that no matter what you do, even diet and regular exercise, can''t transform your fat tummy into a flat belly.

There are many flat belly diets out there that promise tight abs in just a few days, but what most of these diets recommend is an anti-bloating and low-calorie regime.

The truth is that many of the swollen bellies are caused by bloating, not just fat.
Fortunately there is a solution for everything. Bellow we will recommend what to eat so that you know what to combine on a plate to have a flat belly in a short amount of time.

Flat belly diet guidelines

Eat 3 regular meals a day. A schedule of the eating hours is recommended as you can plan digestion. The daily calories intake should not be more than 1200 calories.

Eat slowly. If you''re in a hurry you will only manage to swallow air and to create a digestive discomfort.

Avoid sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and processed foods.

Allow yourself to sin ! Indulge once a week a chocolate cake, but only as a reward for eating healthy during the week.

Always eat breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. If you haven''t got the time to prepare it grab a fruit.

Never eat after 8 p.m. - The metabolism of your body decreases so it''s a bad idea for your digestion and desire to lose weight.

Exercise often. Only a balance between what you eat and how long do you exercise can help you lose weight. Abs are not a key exercise, there''s no such thing. The idea is to appreciate the effects of training.

Take a walk after eating. No matter if it''s a 5 minutes or a half an our walk. The important thing is that you give your digestion a push and you eliminate calories.

What to avoid

  • Gum - Chewing gum seems an innocent gesture. The only thing is that by chewing you tend to swallow air which gets trapped in your gastrointestinal tract causing bloating and belly expansion.
  • Alcohol - The sugars in alcoholic drinks have a lot of side effects. Unfortunately your GI can''t digest them and they are turned into fat.
  • Salt - Water is attracted to sodium so whenever you eat something salty you will retain water in your system. It''s better if you limit the amount of salt !
  • Fried food - Frying complicates things. Even a recent study has shown that cooked this way the food will be slowly digested making you feel bloated and heavy.
  • Spicy food - Garlic, onion, chilli powder, black pepper and fresh chilli are all spicy ingredients. For some people these can cause stomach acid and bloating so it''s better to avoid condiments of that sort.
  • Gassy food - You may have figured this one out for yourself, but to have a flat belly all gassy food must be eliminated from your diet. All the food in this category has the same impact: beans, cauliflower, broccoli, onion, citrus fruits.
  • Excess carbs - Eating carbs can lead to some changes in the system and can increase stomach acid. It is better to eliminate or to avoid things like doughnuts, cakes and chips.
  • Fizzy drinks - The fizzy drinks simply eliminate their bubbles right into your belly. Moreover they contain a lot of sugar to it''s better to switch to water or green tea.

If you wish to have a dreamy flat tummy include all the healthy lifestyle guideline into your own life. Go constantly to the gym and eat well. The muscle tone on your tummy will make it worth the effort.