Lose Body Fat Gain WeightA Healthy Fat Loss  A Healthy Fat Loss

Lose Body Fat Gain WeightA Healthy Fat Loss A Healthy Fat Loss

Yes you can have a healthy fat loss

How Women Gain Lean Muscle And Lose Weight - How Can Women Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle?

How Women Gain Lean Muscle And Lose Weight

Do you remember what it experienced want to feel good about how you looked in a swimsuit? This does not crisis to be a daydream. You can foresee how women lose person fat and gain lean muscle. As you read every word of this article you will understand the secret to burning fat and gaining muscle mass. Most people think that all exercise is created equal.

This just is not true. Low intensity-high volume exercise and cardio routines don''t do any harm and will even help you to feel better. But these types of workouts are near useless for weight loss and muscle gain. High intensity resistance training will allow you to spend less time working out and is vastly superior for post exercise energy expenditure. What does that mean for you? How Women Gain Lean Muscle And Lose Weight

High intensity resistance training will have you burning calories (fat) like mad during the workout and because of the intensity of the workout your body will remain in a "revved up" state and continue to burn calories after the workout is over. Burn more calories. Lose more weight. Gain more muscle. Here are a few tips for getting started:

1. Have a social support group. I cannot over state the value of having people around you that you can identify with.

2. If you haven''t done so already, improve your diet. Eat lots of fresh vegetables and fruit. Lean meat at meals.

3. Commit yourself to a consistent exercise program.

4. Always consult with your doctor before you begin a new exercise program or diet.

How much fat can you expect to lose? Health professionals recommend losing 1-2 pounds per week. Remember, the fat didn''t come on over night and it will not go away that quickly either. Start taking action to gain your muscles by Getting Your How Women Gain Lean Muscle And Lose Weight eBook now!

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