Beauty Secrets from 10 Countries ( part 1)  Healthy Everyday

Beauty Secrets from 10 Countries ( part 1) Healthy Everyday

All women would want to look beautiful and attractive. Many ways in which women to still look beautiful. Here are some beauty secrets from 10 countries in the world.

Chilean women have a glowing skin. The women in Chile utilizing red wine as an antioxidant.

They make a mask of red wine mixed with 2 tablespoons of white flour. Then the mask affixed to the face and allowed to stand for 10 minutes. After that just cleared. Mask of red wine can make your skin softer and radiant.

The Australian women utilizing Yarrow flower extracts that thrives there.

Aboriginal women use Yarrow flower extract to eliminate cellulite, because the yarrow flower extract to maintain skin moisture. While the roots of yarrow can also soften the skin because it contains anti-inflammatory.

Beauty secrets that are owned by the queen Cleopatra was bathing with milk. milk bath can remove dead skin cells and makes the skin becomes softer. You can also do this at home, by adding 2 cups of milk powder into the tub.

Greek women have a glowing skin. They do a Mediterranean diet to get beautiful skin

They love eating fish that is able to rejuvenate the skin with as well as antioxidant omega 6 and omega 3  obtained from vegetables and fruits. They also believed that if the intake of olive oil is essential to get the skin beauty. Greek women also often use water from the plant Rosemary after shampooing. Because water is believed to soften rosemary hair naturally.

French women are known for having beautiful nails. French women prefer to use lemon water to

removing nail polish on the nails by soaking in the lemon water. In addition, thry are Make a mask that can brighten and tighten the skin by using a mixture of cherry and pomegranate fruit as a face mask for 6 minutes. Then wash your face with a warm towel to increase the circulation of oxygen and blood to the face.

Dominican women have strong nails and clean. They do nail care using fresh garlic sliced ​​ynag rough then soak them with water and put it into the bottle. Let stand for 7-10 days. Then use a nail polish. They believe that garlic dapatmemperkuat nails and contains anti-bacterial.

Italian women maintain the beauty and luster of their hair with a mixture of olive oil and yougrt.

To cope with chapped lips, italian woman applying olive oil before bed.

Israeli women use sea salt to cleanse toxins in the body. To do a home spa sea salt, mix 1/4 cup sea salt, 1/2 cup oil massage, a little powdered seaweed and 10-15 drops of lavender oil. Use as a body massage oil. This massage is done so that the body become more fresh and help eliminate dead skin cells.

Japanese women are known to have a charming white, and beautiful long hair.

Secrets of long hair beautiful and healthy from Japan derived from nori. Nori is a hair care ingredient that contains iodine and minerals. Seaweed is also a source of many treatments that contain iron, zinc, mineral, copper and selenium. In order to look younger, beautiful and shine, use a Japanese woman for the sake mand and soak. Japanese women used to use bird droppings to be used as a mask. They use Uguisu no Fun (Bulbul) for beauty, but mixed with soap first and then applied to the face and skin.

Swedish women have a healthy and glowing skin. They do dietary antioxidants by eating fresh berries and grilled fish. If you want to try a style of womens facial care swedi home, boil water with green tea or white tea bags, then frozen to become ice cubes. Use ice as a facial toner. Swedish women are also pleased with the sauna, because it can eliminate toxins from the body. To perform a sauna at home, mix a handful of salt and add a little olive oil and 10 drops of pure eucalyptus oil. Rub the whole body, and rinse with cold water.