Seniors helping seniors by sharing beneficial natural health information

PURPOSE - This web site has been set up as a free research center to share evidence based natural health information to help improve the quality of life for seniors.

What''s Natural Health

Officially, the NCCAM division of the Institutes of Health is the Government''s definition of the different modalities of Natural Health, which are listed below. Some of which are evidenced based, some have little or no practical application for seniors and some have insufficient proven benefits. We have selected only those modalities or categories that have proven or credible benefits and that are practical for seniors.

Mind-Body Intervention

- such as Self-hypnosis, Relaxation response, Mindfulness, Meditation, Spiritual happiness, Breath work, Visualization and Yoga

Biologically Based Therapy

- Such as: Diet for weight management, and Food for disease resistance and longevity without disability.

Manipulative and body-based methods

- such as : Body work, Chiropractic, Massage therapy, and Medical acupuncture. These methods are not included, since they can’t be evaluated because they must be performed by a practitioner of unknown abilities.

Energy Therapy

- such as: Physical and mental exercise and activity. Aerobics, Pilates and weight training. Energy medicine includes a number of other modalities that involves supposed body energy, involves a practitioner, and are lacking evidence of efficacy.

Natural health is essential for optimum health

Modern medicine treats symptoms, not prevention or causes. American medical doctors, are trained to treat symptoms by medications, or surgery, which often has side effects worse then the symptoms. Often it is the best and quickest answer for serious acute diseases or alleviating pain. However, conventional medicine is frequently not the best modality for optimum health and well being. For many conditions, our body is designed for more effective disease prevention, healing of chronic health disorders and optimum quality of life. As a plus, natural health has no side effects, HMO''s, high cost, appointments or lengthy waiting. The Institute of Health has recognized these advantages and has established a department to respond the publics demands. In fact, the public spends about 50% of their disposable money on natural health. To make natural health sound more scientific, it is referred to as alternate or complimentary medicine. [CAM]

The need for the Natural Health for Seniors Association [NHSA]

Recognizing a profit opportunity, promoters have flooded the health market with sham products and services they are mislabeling under ''natural'' or ''natural health''. This profusion of unscientific claims brings mass confusion to a market that is unregulated and open to virtually any promoter of ''snake oil''. Most seniors don''t have the time, interest, resources, scientific background or health education to qualify claims for the product or service. Desperate for any way to solve health problems their doctor or other medical care takers, can''t suitably fix, seniors fail victim to phony claims. In order to qualify products, services and modalities, with evidence of benefit is the basic reason for NHSA


  1. A free seniors to seniors program that attempts to discredit the commercial hype and misinformation for products and services concerning natural health.
  2. Describe natural health modalities considered beneficial, evidenced based and practical for a self help program to seniors.
  3. Present ''user friendly'' descriptions and procedures for seniors to improve their quality of life in White Papers, pfd''s, books, web sites and consultation.
  4. Natural health modalities and procedures are qualified by James D. Baird, a senior with a PhD in Natural Health and a staff of qualified volunteer seniors. Evidenced based health information, and personal health experiences from members for sharing.
  5. The White Papers, which present the descriptions, procedures and scripts for modality practice, are restricted to members of Natural Health for Seniors Association [NHSA]. There is no cost and member information is private.
  6. NHSA is a health informational service and is not qualified and does not provide any medical advise.

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