Recipes for Coconut Milk Smoothies – Diary 8.

Recipes for Coconut Milk Smoothies – Diary 8.

Coconut milk smoothies: I was asked recently what other ingredients I would you use with low fat coconut milk besides pineapple with out packing the calories.

Well, actually I got the question some time ago, and I am sorry I haven’t answered before! But I have been quite busy.

I did try some other fruits, low calorie that is, with coconut milk, and I will now give you some of the results from my test.

And then I juiced some sweet oranges, some red grapefruits, cherries and strawberries.

I made a juice from pineapple, to have that smoothie which I knew was good to compare with.

I am not that fond of coconut milk in smoothies myself, so I invited two friends to taste the smoothies together with me, on the terrace in our summer cottage. The sun was shining, it was summer, and we could hear the sea: The environment couldn’t be better.

Here you can see the three juices: Pineapple, grape fruit and orange. The cherries I made a month later, when the cherries were ripe, and the strawberry I blended together with the coconut milk, so you will see that below when the juices are mixed with the low fat coconut milk.

After having juiced the fruit, I mixed it with the low fat coconut milk, served the three different kinds of smoothie with a leaf of mint, and we tried the two find if it would be ok. Both the orange, the strawberries and the grape fruit are low in calories, so if the taste was ok, that could be a good variation.

My two guests agreed that both the orange and the grapefruit tasted great and fresh, but I must admit that I found them both a bit in the sour end. That said you have to take into consideration that I never drink orange juice because I find it too sour, so maybe I am not the best judge of that.

I clearly preferred the smoothie with strawberries blended together with the low fat coconut milk. I actually prefer that to the smoothie with pineapple, and as my guests drank it with great delight, I can only recommend that.

What we all could agree upon as well was that the mint leaf was a very good addition to all four smoothies.

As I mentioned, I blended some cherries a month later and made a smoothie of that together with coconut milk. That didn’t work well, partly because the blended cherries didn’t taste of much, partly because the color was a bit boring, and mixed with the coconut milk it became even more boring.

I think though it would taste very nice and look nice to if you could find a cherry juice but only if you can find one that isn’t with added sugar or sugar substitute.

I guess there are many more fruits you can use for coconut smoothies, especially maybe fruits like papaya and other fruits from the regions where the coconut palm is common. But as I said, I am not the best judge of that, because I only use coconut milk in my dinner recipes.

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