Weightloss workout

Weightloss workout

There was a time that I would look at you in horror if you would address the subject weightloss workout. Are you sure? Me? Working out? Nah...

The truth was that it simply asked too much energy and my body would protest after a few minutes. I had become scared to move because it just hurt too much. At this moment I''ve learned to really love it and I''ve found out that I am just basically much more active than I could ever imagine.

Looking back I can say that if you feel the same way, you have not found the right weightloss workout yet or you try to do too much. It is like telling someone that you do not eat fruit because you do not like the taste. But what fruit are you talking about? Apples? Oranges? Berries? If you do not try out other tastes you can''t say that you do not like fruit. There is a weightloss work out for anyone.

The same goes for working out. A lot of people start to gag when I bring up the subject in my weightloss practice. They really hate working out. When I ask them why they react this way, it turns out that they have only tried one or two activities and have given up after that.

I hate working out

Overweight people who have to start from point zero with running can expect that their body will hurt or even develop an injury. Even after 30 kilograms I''ve only just started to run and I''m now half way working my way up to a 5K. I am amazed that I''ve come so far now while I tried so many times. But when I started in 2007 with my weightloss journey I had a dream: I wanted to run a 5K. I''m closer than ever.

Five times I ran into the trap of injuring myself before I learned to listen to my body. But I never gave up. Even though I wanted to run, I had to walk for 3 years during my weightloss workout. Even though I wanted the running I knew I had to start with walking. Then I moved up to my very personal way of running: joggeling. It''s a mix of jogging until my body began to give warning signs and then slowed down to walking until the signs disappeared. After some time I tried out a couch to 5K program. I have to take double the time to do it, but who cares? I''m doing it!

Some people feel emberassed to wear sports gear. Suddenly you see everything that you have been trying to hide. Imagine yourself in swimclothes and you''ll know what I mean.

But who says you have to wear what everybody wears? Not so long ago I saw a woman who wore a great pair of oversized trousers with a big shirt in the pool. All her friends wore those skimpy sports clothes but she wore what she wanted and so should you during your weightloss workout. No body forces you to wear something you do not feel comfortable in. If you are unsure just call the pool and ask if they would accept other clothing and demand a reason if they tell you no. Sometimes they even have swimming hours for overweight people.

A lot of people try out swimming or go to a gym once and decide that they do not like that. Then they give up on all their weightloss workout attempts. But there are so many things to do! Don''t you like walking? Try cycling. Hate cycling? Throw a ball with the kids. Too lame? Try rope jumping or find the child in you and use the trampoline (never did something that made me so out of breath as that!).

Do you like to dance? Why not try Zumba Fitness Total Body Transformation System DVD Set!

And now for the bad news. I''m sorry, but whatever you may hope for: if you want to lose weight permanently then you will have to eat less and keep moving. Making your weightloss workout your lifestyle change. Eating less makes you lose weight. Working out will help you to keep it off. It is something you need to do.

Looking back on all my weight loss attempts and repeated gains I now see that one thing was always missing: action! I could lose weight by eating less but I never kept it off because I wasn''t active enough. The pain and the hurt when I would gain it all back were devastating. I''ve cried so many tears over my weight. Had I known about the magic connection between weightloss and weightloss work out then I would have given it more attention. I just didn''t know... (or didn''t want to know :-)

Choose something that you like. A good weightloss workout can only be done in the long run if you like it. You have to find something that you like to keep doing it.

You will not only lose more weight, but you will also lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes 2, it will help you sleep better and it will help you mentally.

How I started working out? One day I walked into a gym with large jogging pants and an oversized shirt. I was scared ****less. It was so hard for me to go, so I crawled in after a friend. In the beginning I hardly dared to look at other people, because they were way better, thinner and faster than I. But after a few weeks I noticed that my workouts became a little bit easier and that I secretly started to like them. But I would never admit to that. I had loathed them for too long and I needed to keep doing that for a while.

At some point my friend decided to quit. I kept on going. I became more active and to this day I work out three to four times per week.

My weightloss workout has become much easier but because I push myself it is never too easy. In the beginning I was so tired and could hardly move my limbs. Now I cannot do without it. When I skip one or two workouts my family members ask me to please go for a run because I am a nicer person when I work out.

If I can do a weightloss workout, there is a good chance that you can do it too. We aren''t so different. If you have any ailments please see your doctor before you start with your first weightloss workout.

If you do not want to go out to work out, then you can do a lot of things in your home.

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