Your Health Club And Your Health Insurance Rates

Your Health Club And Your Health Insurance Rates

Your Health Club And Your Health Insurance Rates.

Your Health Club And Your Health Insurance Rates

In recent times, several insurance companies have thrown out another incentive and that is discount for membership of a health club. Even without this incentive, we know that it is beneficial to our general health and well being to belong to a health and fitness club. Before you register at a health and fitness centre, these are things to look out for that would let you know that the club would not endanger your health or well being:-

A. A good health and fitness club would have qualified personnel. They should be people who are certified by a national or internationally recognized institution. Like the American college of sports medicine and the Aerobics and fitness association of America. The personnel should be trained to give first aid and CPR amongst other things.

B. The club should be security conscious. The facility should be well lit especially the parking lot. They should have security operatives (depending on the crime rate of the community) they should have surveillance cameras. They should ensure appropriate entry and exit for members and visitors.

C. The facility and equipment should be clean. They should maintain a high standard of hygiene. A good indication of this would be, signs instructing members to clean off machines after work-outs and also paper towels and disinfectants.

D. They should have a routine for sanitation of both facility and equipments.

E. They should have a well stocked first aid box

F. Their equipments should be in good working order. Outdated and malfunctional equipments are actually a health hazard.

G. They must have instructions for use on every equipment.

H. The pools and hot tubs should be clean at all times. Ensure that they do not have pools that have chemicals that burn the eye or foams in the hot tubs.

I. Staff should be on hand to assist members and show them how to use the equipments.

J. The mats and other piece of furniture should not be placed haphazardly.

Do not just join a health club without doing a proper research. Remember a health club is meant to improve your health and well being but if you go to the wrong place, you might end up endangering your life!

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