"thyroid therapy"

Hypothyroidism is a state in which the body produces too little amount of the thyroid hormone resulting in various symptoms like extreme fatigue, very prone to sickness and catching cold, constipation and a general slowing down of the body’s metabolism. Not many would actually be aware that they are suffering from hypothyroidism. There are many natural therapies for hypothyroidism and any source from which iodine is naturally available is considered the best treatment. It is believed that iodine is naturally available in certain sea weeds, cow milk and low fat yoghurt. Vegetables are not known to contribute to iodine requirements in the body though kelp is said to be an excellent source of iodine.

Of the natural therapies for hypothyroidism, it is said that a balanced diet plays an important role. Together with a controlled intake of caffeine sugar and dairy products, hypothyroidism can be kept under control. However, since hypothyroidism involves insufficient production of iodine, food intake should be such that has a balanced amount of salt rich with iodine and magnesium that fires the iodine producing elements in the body.

Hypothyroidism enters the body so silently that often doctors prescribe general vitamins and rejuvenating drugs to help reduce fatigue and tiredness. It often rests in the body for days without upping significant red flags. A structured approach towards the disease with regular blood tests to monitor the improvement of iodine is essential.

A clear cut thyroid therapy for treatment of hypothyroidism would include the conversion of thyroxine (T4) to triiodthyronine (T3). It is to be first established whether there is adequate production of the T4 hormone in the thyroid gland. This T4 hormone will have to get actively converted to the T3 hormone and medicinal supplements will be needed. Excessive intake of certain foods may inhibit thyroid production. Finally, to augment the natural therapies of hypothyroidism one should abstain from alcohol intake, smoking, and exposure to toxic substances and pollutants since they are the chief delimiting factors towards a progressive thyroid therapy.