Chikungunya Virus Infection  Healthy Everyday

Chikungunya Virus Infection Healthy Everyday Chikungunya fever is a disease caused by a type of alphavirus that is caused by the bite of mosquitoes of the species Aedes aegypti. People affected by chikungunya virus infection has bent posture due to severe joint pain (arthralgia). The joint pain usually occurs in the knee, ankle, foot and hand joints. Chikungunya fever is caused by chikungunya virus infection. This fever has early symptoms similar to dengue fever, but the joint pain is an important symptom of chikungunya disease.

Heres some  ang symptoms caused by chikungunya virus inveksi:

This reddish spots occur on the first day of fever, but usually more frequent paada days to 4-5 during a fever. Areas that typically experience this is the face, body, feet and hands. Sometimes also bleeding of the gums.

Joint pain is a common complaint experienced and often appear before the fever, so people sometimes like paralysis. The joints are usually complained that the feet, hands, toes, wrists sertatulang back.

High fever that occurs suddenly with chills and facial redness. Usually hot berlngsung for 2-4 days, after which it will return to normal.

Muscle pain usually occurs in all the muscles or the muscles of the head and shoulder area. Even sometimes swelling of the muscles around the ankle.

seizures usually occur in children caused by heat is too high.

Chikungunya fever include diseases that can be cured Self Limiting Disease. Diberikn treatment usually only symptomatic therapy or eliminate the symptoms of the disease, such as painkillers or fever, usually is paracetamol. Avoid asetol mrnggunakan similar drugs.Additionally peroksa and consult with your doctor about what to do.

Here are some ways to do to prevent the occurrence of viral infection chikungunya

1, Check the home environment and a minimum of 1-2 weeks to ensure there is no mosquito breeding.

2. Clean the home environment so as not to become mosquito breeding.

3. Check yourself into klinikatau doctor if odd and suspicious.