Low Carb Myths

Low Carb Myths

If you are not aware of the latest and in-vogue low carb diets, you are probably one big ignoramus. Today low carb diet fever is on a high. Everyone just wants to have low carb diet because they want to stay fit, slim and healthy. But what exactly is this low carb diet and are there any typical myths associated to it? Let''s take a look.

As the world is shrinking, the normal usage of words is also shrinking. With the advent of SMS services and internet mailing, language has suffered many setbacks and one of the setbacks is shortening of words. Just like carbohydrate has become carb. People today keep insisting on low carb diets.

Carb intake is never equal in any food. Some contain low carb content while the others consist of high carb content. Simple carbs or low carbs are present in foods like

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pastries, white bread, chips and a majority of junk foods. These foods are digested easily and you would again feel hungry. These low carbs are not of much use. On the other hand, high carb foods are whole grain breads, potatoes, vegetables and much more. These foods make you fuller for a long time.

In the US, people are going nuts over the low carb diets. They think that eating potatoes and bread is really bad for their health. Following this craze for low carb diets many low carb myths have established their place in the minds of the people. A majority of people even confide in these low carb myths which are scientifically proven to be wrong. Let''s take a look at some common myths related with low carb diet intake.

Myth1. By eliminating carbs you can lose weight.
This myth is widely

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prevalent all around the world. People tend to believe that eliminating carbs help them loose weight. This statement is true to some extent but its veracity is not permanent. By cutting of carbs from your diet, you would certainly lose weight, but as soon as you will take them back, you''ll again gain weight. Since carbohydrates are essential nutrients of our body, some or the other day, you would need to take them, and again you will gain weight.

Myth2. Low carb diets would help your muscles grow.
Most people think that mere protein intake would increase their muscles. No. If you are on a low carb diet, your muscles would become flat and less dense. As carbs help your muscles to grow, low carb diets inhibit your muscle growth by not providing the essential amount of carbs to you. When you are on a low

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carb diet, you also become lethargic and exhausted.

Myth3. Low carb diets help you maintain your body.
People often stop the intake of carbs in their daily life thinking that excess fat would be removed. But there is a serious flaw in their thinking. If you reduce the intake of carbs, your body would turn protein into energy thus consuming the protein stores of the body. This slows your metabolic rate which results in less calorie burn and weight gain.

Myth4. Low-carb means low-calorie.
Many people think that when they are at low carb diet, they are avoiding calories. In reality it is not so. There are many low carb packaged foods which contain the same amount of calories as the normal food. Low carbs mean low carbohydrates, it does not imply that the food will essentially be low in calories also.

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