Makeup artist salary

Makeup artist salary

Who is a makeup artist and what is makeup artist salary? This is a professional who applies make up on the human body as to earn a living. He or she is a professional who specializes in make up for television cast, fashion, film ,prosthetics, to name but a few. Such people play an important role in improving the appearance of various personalities that you see in your favourite T.V show, movie or the fashion show. As such, it would be necessary to ask ourselves: what is makeup artist salary? In other words, how much does an average makeup artist earn?

Well, when it comes to the salary, this varies from one country to another. For instance, if you are doing this kind of work, the makeup artist salary will be around $16.15 per hour for those working and living in United States of America. As you will have noticed, this is the average across all the States, though this would vary depending on the experience. So, as you continue gaining experience, your makeup artist salary will increase at a steady pace. However, it appears from the statistics that people working in this industry do not stay for longer than 20 years but move on to other professions. This could perhaps be explained by the fact that after 20 years, most of the makeup artists tend to earn less, hence the change in jobs.

What constitutes the makeup artist salary?

This is an important question as it helps you to understand the pay dynamics. Much of the salary comes from:

  • The hourly rate they are paid
  • The tips that they receive from satisfied customers
  • Pay for the overtime
  • Any bonus received for work done
  • Commission received

If you add up all the above, you will have the total makeup artist salary in your country.