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Posts Tagged ‘healthy food tips’


It’s healthy but can make you sick. It seems not reasonable to say it right? Okay. Everybody knows that food poisoning is a horrible, even might threatening our life. So, how the healthy food can make us sick and knowing the real possibility of it could preserve us from having high risky potential.

All these 5 foods are healthy and almost part of our healthy diet. Let’s we see.

1. Leafy greens - Generally speaking those leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach and cabbages are parts of my diets. In fact, it only will be contaminated by several ways such as by fertilizer, dirty water rinses, or unwashed hands before we even purchase them. So, the easiest way to avoid getting sick is by having an organic leafy green, wash them carefully with clean water and use different cutting board (especially for meat cutting board). Also, wash our hands thoroughly with clean water whilst handle them.

2. Eggs - Famous breakfast! Astonishingly, the latest news of the Salmonella outbreak in chicken eggs that leading to the recall of 380 million eggs from 17 states make me think hardly to have eggs for breakfast even cookie dough. The key to avoid any of Salmonella infection is a proper handling of them. Make sure, we wash it thoroughly and cook it properly, also avoid eating raw or half-cooked eggs.

3. Tuna - In fact, it has been linked to 268 scombroid poisoning outbreaks since 1990. How? Actually, after being caught, it should be stored at below 60 degree to avoid toxin secretion that called scombrotoxin. It causes flushing, headaches, and cramps.

4. Oysters - Pricey and delicious but poor handling of them will put us in a high risk of getting nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Please make sure to cook it properly and avoid undercooked condition.

5. Potatoes - Any potatoes food that properly cooked unlikely to give us trouble. Just beware of any cross contamination that can happen when we mixed it with other ingredients (especially meat). So, make sure if we are planning to prepare a fancy potatoes dishes, then make sure all the ingredients properly washed and fresh!

In conclusion, I foresee that any foods that are poorly prepared will be contaminated and possibly giving us some kind of trouble such as food poisoning, nausea, vomiting, etc. So, stay health and beware of what we eat!