The Realization…

The Realization…

In most people’s eyes I am a pretty healthy individual, although 30+ lbs. overweight, I carry it well; however, over the last number of years I have added many illnesses to my body that lie hidden from view… These include Chronic back, hip, neck and shoulder pain, random Atrial Fibrillation where my heart goes out of normal rhythm from time to time and needs to be ‘shocked’ back, chronic sinusitis with daily headaches, chronic acid indigestion and most recently, moderate Crohn’s disease. The result is treatment that involves taking 17 pills every day, injecting myself with Biologic drugs twice monthly and popping antacids like they were snacks!

So all these medicines are making me healthy and feel great right?…. well not so; I am unable to exercise without pain and have gone from 6 days a week of workouts to zero… although my diet is pretty healthy, I use wine as a supplement to reduce my pain, I have restarted smoking periodically and I drink more coffee in a day than I should in a week..

The Realization: Recently I believe the only path from sickness 2 health for me is my bodies internal healing systems and that I must get out of their way now and let them do their job.

I plan, as a body reboot to my body, commencing April 1st, to do a 30 day detox by only drinking freshly made Vegetable / Fruit Juices… my biggest fear is stopping Alcohol, Coffee & Nicotine… the staples of my life!

As a successful & active business person who has faced, resolved & thrived after challenges in my career, this personal challenge scares me more than any I have faced in the past.

This blog will be my way of recording & sharing my journey from what I call functional sickness to what I hope will be better health… and a new way of life; my ultimate goals are; less pain, elimination of as many drugs as possible, health weight and BMI, ability to moderately exercise pain free, regularly practicing meditation and feeling healthy and vibrant most of the time… easy eh! I do not think so….