What Makes the Best Acne Cream?

What Makes the Best Acne Cream?

Something was recently brought to my attention that needs some clearing up. I was watching TV the other day and I was amazed that there were so many acne cream commercials in between the enthralling episode of COPS I was watching. I saw about four or five different acne cream commercials and all were saying that they were the best and that they’re new acne fighting technology was the most advanced at clearing pores and blah, blah, blah. I laughed at one point because one of the commercials celebrity spokes people was talking about their new crystal technology or whatever. It’s funny because anything with hard granules or scrubbing agents that’s used on acne prone and inflamed skin will only make acne breakouts worse. All of these commercially advertised acne creams and treatments are made with harsh chemical ingredients that are capable of potentially serious allergic reactions.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, that although these acne creams are advertised as the “best”, there is much more to the best acne cream than fancy commercials, celebrity spokespeople and chemical additives. The truth is that the best acne creams are made from the finest all natural ingredients that are proven to stimulate cellular regeneration simultaneously healing existing and preventing further acne.

One such ingredient is Resveratrol. Harvested from the skin of grapes, Resveratrol has been extensively studied and is rapidly finding its way into many of the best acne creams. In an Oxford University study, Resveratrol was proven to kill the same acne causing bacteria just as effectively if not better than the leading acne treatment made with Benzoyl Peroxide without any of the negative side effects that Benzoyl is known for. Benzoyl is a staple ingredient in almost all of the commercial acne creams on the market and is known to cause further inflammation, redness, peeling, itching and irritation. Obviously not a natural substance, Benzoyl seems to do more harm than good in most cases.

The best acne treatments also contain time honored plant extracts like Chamomile for its soothing properties and Aloe Vera for its healing nature. Both of these ingredients are quite adept at killing excess bacteria, but more importantly they both soothe the skin, calming inflammation; one of the major causes of acne breakouts. Not only do they calm the skin, they also heal any existing acne or open wounds.

When looking for the best acne creams it’s important to exhaust every resource; talk to friends and family who may know about an all natural acne cream that worked for them. Read acne cream reviews and thoroughly research every ingredient in a product that has grabbed your attention. Talk to a dermatologist and see if he/she can recommend any good all natural acne creams. Make sure that whatever acne cream you choose it is free of any harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances and contains the best all natural ingredients proven to treat and reduce acne. Don’t buy into to those million dollar commercials, remember that the best things come from nature and the best all natural acne creams are your safest bet.

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Charles Banks has been a leading voice in the world of all natural skin care for quite a few years. Knowledgeable and confident he has been providing reliable and trust worthy advice on some things like the best acne creams and eye gels to organic moisturizers and facial cleansers.