YOGA: “The Science of Living”

YOGA: “The Science of Living”

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With very advanced technological and scientific movements throughout the world; some people are still having great focus over traditional Yoga practices. Yoga in simple terms is a spiritual practice that helps to connect our mind to eternity and improves fitness in most effective manner. No medical technique can work as powerfully as Yoga is considered from many years; it is originated from pre-Vedic times and has maintained constant effectiveness in life of human beings.

Yoga word is derived from Sanskrit language and it actually means universal consciousness or spirit. As per Indian spiritual knowledge, it is regularly practised from last 5000 years and people have observed its effectiveness for treatment of many severe diseases. Yoga is a profound science where infinite potentials work for human soul as well as mend and creates a perfect balance of body with internal powers. There are so many yoga asanas and most effective one is breathing techniques and meditation. Whereas some people follow typical body movements that are specifically designed by expert Yoga practitioners.

The science of yoga is typically termed in four parts that represents complete spiritual way of living life: Philosophy or Gyan Yoga, Devotional Bliss or Bhakti Yoga, Path of blissful action or Karma Yoga and the last one is path of mind control or Raja Yoga. All these are practiced in different postures and are very effective but must be practiced only with an expert of this field. Yoga practices works for every human being, no matter what your age is, male or female, healthy or sufferer, a perfect Yoga practice helps to create amazing balance in your life where you naturally feel energetic and happy with an internal boost of positive vibrations.

Below is the list of basic rules that must be followed for practising Yoga postures:

Maintain a perfect routine for each day and start your practice accurately at that timing.

Try to choose a quiet and private place for your asanas, it will give you natural boost to perform as per your abilities.

To prevent any injury form hard floor while doing typical movements, it is good to work on a blanket.

Before initiating your exercise practice, it is important to do some warm up so that your body get prepared for stretches.

Most important thing to notice is focus your mind on what you are doing, never let it wonder here and there. All yoga exercises are a form of meditation and it demands all your concentration at one position that is your inner self.

6. After exercises, take few minutes to get back to your regular pace. It will demand some time to get out of deep consciousness to your routine comfort.

7. Do not force your body to do some typical movements; try to balance everything according to capabilities of your body.

8. Never ignore the health considerations that are prescribed for every exercise because it has typical effect on every part of your body.

Yoga is helpful to maintain a beautiful flow of life where you have peace of mind and happiness all the time but it demands sincere efforts with regularity in practices.

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