June  2014  Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

June 2014 Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

Healthful Pursuit of an LEO Wife

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I needed to take some time away from social media, which happened to coincide with quite a bit of traveling and some really random workouts.  But thats life, right?

Things have settled down now and Im ready for a new goal.  I have a tentative goal of running the Duke City Half Marathon on October 19th so I put the below training plan together.  I say tentative goal because Im going to wait until I get further into my training before I officially decide Im going to run it.  Im having a little trouble with one of my feet(Im pretty sure I just need new shoes) and I tend to have IT band issues.  I also want to ensure Im strength training throughout my plan so Ive incorporated 4 days of strength training(see top of chart).

Have you ever run a marathon or half marathon?  I have run four and I love it.  I love the feeling, the accomplishment, & the runners high.  I laid off from running for awhile because I wanted to focus solely on strength training and growing some muscle.  I think and hope I can maintain the strength training during my training.  I know when I get into the higher mileage, Im going to have to up my calories considerably in order to ensure I dont lose muscle.

Tell me about your racing experience.  Any advice for maintaining strength training while training for a half marathon?

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This is my pursuit of a life full of health. I hope you will join, stay, & participate. I''ll share what works for me and my lessons learned. I hope you will share yours as well!

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Disclaimer I am not a nutritionist, dietician, trainer, physician, therapist, etc. All of my posts/comments are my own view based on what I have tried and what works for me. I am firm believer that each individual needs to do what works and what''s best for him/her.

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