P90X Vegan Nutrition

P90X Vegan Nutrition

Answers to all of your questions about nutrition.

This is what I ate and will continue to eat.

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@bosesucks Wow thanks for posting that, it was funny to read.

this is without question a really superb course. i have personally said goodbye to in excess of 40 lbs of body fat with it. i tried several diet plans and exercise courses yet none of them did the trick for me. this plan is definitely the greatest of the bunch but its extremely pricey, the good news is i was able to acquire the full package for nothing at p90xforfreeXinfo (replace X with . ) or else i would still be fat!

@countthecakes oh no us vegans can make it work

@xTrenia no problem at all, I am glad it helped.

Hey, this video is very informative, thanks a lot for posting it.

Thanks so much for posting this! I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to get through the P90X nutrition program as a vegan, but you’re obviously making it work! This is awesome!

@Humanoids for like two years now, but I was vegetarian for 4

how long have you been vegan?

@merylYOUbalde not a problem at all. I am glad that I can help out!!! please enjoy the bars too, lol

Thank you so much for sharing! I’ve been vegan for two months now, previously I was vegetarian for 6 months. I’m on my 4th day of P90x and I’m always wondering if what I’m eating is going to give me the maximum results.. well now with your help I have a better guideline! But I’m definitely going to make your protein bars!! I’m so excited!!!

@worleydesigns Oh yeah man, I have been working with VEGA who only promotes plant based items

vegan here too check into soy. soy no good. use other proteins like hemp, or sunwarrior- a brown rice raw protein. Soy isnt the health food it has been sold to us as.

@donald809 well i am actually on a different meal plan now man so I will try to get to that soon.

@Klimatik cool. for sure. i’ll keep that in mind.

it’s super frustrating having a real injury that completely disrupts your routine for 2 or 3 months.

dude can you make a video of all that food that you eat in the day. cause i didnt get all that so if i see it i’ll know what you eating dude im from the Caribbean so maybe thats why i didnt undertand everything im doing p90 day 47 and i want the best results so please men can you make a video with all the food and calories please men we need it thanks

@codexile wow, make sure you take your time and don’t rush into it, you want to be strong when you do this workout, lol trust me. Thank you so much for watching too.

I’m vegan and planning on doing P90X as soon as I recover from a broken clavicle, so thanks for the excellent vegan diet advice.

@Klimatik yes i get at least 8 but more like 9 i know in the p90x nutrition guide you have to base your calorie intake off your weight im still at a level 3 do you know what level this would be thanks love the new site man

@18surfbum It may come down to rest, are you at least getting 8 hours of sleep a night

@18surfbum it actually worked out fine for me, it may come down to rest, are you getting enough rest?

@18surfbum actually I was fine when I started eating this. It worked out just fine. are you getting enough rest?

hi iv been doing p90x for 74 days but the first 50 day i ate what ever i wanted at day 51 i started to eat what you say in this video and now i don’t have any energy when you started to eat this did you have low energy

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